It always easier to blame others than to take the blame. Just sumthing I’m disappointed about.. is why u cover it up all this long. I used to ask to u if I did something wrong, but u keep make a sign like everything’s okay.

Put down ur angel face, I know ur true color. Just too many things that I owe u, that’s why I still wanna compromise this time. But, that’s it, my respect for u is falling down. I won’t ever take it back. This is how I show u that I’m not a lil girl who can only breakdown and cry. Yup, maybe I made sumthing wrong, but it’s far smaller than u accused me.

Don’t bring a word about ‘professionalism’ .. I honor it better than u. I never ask a special treatment. I’m not that low. I’m a fair player, yes I am and will always be. So, no matter the result of the game, people still respect me, sir.


~ by sasq29 on February 4, 2011.

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